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Helping Children

As a psychotherapist who works with children, I focus on alleviating separation anxiety and other worries, fears, difficulty making friends, feelings around adoption, conflict with parents and/or teachers, and trauma through play, talk, and cognitive behavior therapy.

Once trust is established, children feel safe in sharing their vulnerabilities and feelings and even the youngest can heal from past, stressful, or traumatic experiences and thrive with greater comfort and happiness.

Understanding Teen Issues

Working with teens involves addressing conflicts at home, school and peer difficulties, self-harm, and trauma.

By developing a relationship in which teens feel important and understood they begin to understand themselves and their motivations and move forward in their path toward achieving greater success and independence.

Assisting Young Adults

Young adults come into therapy confused about career choices, adjusting to independence, college stresses, social and romantic issues, and trauma.

I establish a trusting rapport by listening with compassion, curiosity, and understanding thereby encouraging the development of flexibility of thinking, higher-level creativity, and mastery of difficult emotions.

Become More Effective Parents

Parents come to therapy to improve their relationships with their children. I help them learn how to identify and set limits, communicate their concerns compassionately, employ effective disciplinary methods, and establish healthy work and social media habits for their kids.

I accomplish this by fostering an understanding of their child’s developmental stage and teaching skills and techniques to support their parenting objectives. I encourage parents’ creativity and unique knowledge of themselves and their children to assist them in raising confident and resilient kids.

Individual Therapy

My work with adults involves addressing and relieving the distress associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. I accomplish this by cultivating a trusting relationship, tapping into inner strengths, and recognizing patterns in behavior and thought.

I provide people a companion on their journey to reduce shame, to develop greater pleasure in life, to improve functioning in work, home, and play, and to experience the power of a different perspective.