The Art of Psychotherapy

Illuminate New Possibilities

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Creativity. Insight. Personal Growth.

“I dwell in possibility.” – Emily Dickinson

As a psychotherapist I create an environment where you feel understood, respected, and safe.

Where insight allows you to discover new things about yourself. Where you connect to yourself in a way that feels authentic and grounded. Where you feel comfortable with a greater range of feelings.

As our time together unfolds, your creativity will be sparked and a curiosity about yourself will invite examination and ownership of your narrative.

New possibilities will come into view.

MSW New York University
Post Graduate Certificate in treating Children and Adolescents

Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand everything. – Albert Einstein

Spending time in nature has heightened my sensitivity to the nuance of feelings.

I use this sensitivity as a tuning fork, attuning me to the pitch and tenor of your experience.

For my patients this creates the feeling of being seen and heard by someone who knows how powerful an experience this can be.

As your guide in this therapeutic process I am steady and patient, respectful, and attentive.

Together we will work to find your own open spaces in life where you can feel compassion toward yourself and the freedom of flexibility.

What hides in the shadows is illuminated by consciousness

Knowledge is love and light and vision. – Helen Keller

Many of us grow up with a desire to know more about the things unsaid and the secret histories in our families. The experience of knowing something we don’t know fosters an experience of confusion and a struggle with identity.

As we talk over time your feelings, relationships, and decisions will take on distinct shape and color.

We will begin to find words to articulate what has previously only been felt.
Often people find this to help clarify an authentic sense of self.

You are the author

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

Art and nature inspire me and influence my approach to psychotherapy.

With each there exists a personal interpretation and an emotionally resonant experience that serves to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others through active and curious engagement.

In therapy, I seek to engage my patients in ongoing dialogue to discover who they are, what shaped them, and what continues to influence them.

Our relationship serves as a vehicle for them to discover their narrative and live a more satisfying life with fulfilling relationships, play, and purpose.